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GapAd launches new Ad Products


It’s mean several months since we launched our public beta signup and things have gone incredibly well.  Now we’re taking GapAd to a whole new level by launching three new ad products – all of which can be switched on with a click of a button (if the GapAd script has been installed).  Here’s a run-down of what’s new…

GapAd Entrance Ads…
GapAd publishers can now switch on entrance ads to start making revenue from the moment a user visits their site.  >More info

GapAds between pages…
We’ve made it very easy to display ads between selected pages within a site >More info

GapAd timed Ads…
Now you can set an ad to trigger after a specified length of time someone has been on your site >More info

Whilst our exit ads display advertising to those who leave your site, now each of the new products can take advantage of  your other users.

Springwise cover GapAd


Many thanks to sprinwise for covering GapAd in their latest marketing & advertising review

The Next Web Reviews GapAd



Check out a review of GapAd by the Next Web:

GapAd: Ads that are either terribly brilliant, or just plain terrible

Let’s hope the consensus is “Terribly Brilliant”!!

Gapad launches beta phase


We’ve finally launched our open Beta and we can’t wait to find out how it goes down with our users. Website developers can now sign up to GapAd in seconds and install our quick and easy to use plugins to get GapAd up and running in no time.

We have developed a simple publisher dashboard which allows our users to change the length of advert timeouts, to add and edit any exclusion rules to bypass GapAd links and of course, there’s a stat panel and revenue counter.

We hope our users will like the service and would appreciate any feedback…

Gapad launches wordpress widget


We’re very happy to announce the launch of our WordPress plugin which will allow all GapAd publishers to install the GapAd script in seconds. We use a simple API key to connect GapAd accounts to the Worpdress plugin and all settings can be controlled as usual in the publisher dashboard.

Simply follow the instructions here to download and install the GapAd WordPress plugin.

WordPress is just the first of many GapAd plugins – watch this space for more platform plugins to follow…


GapAd and SenseArray are pleased to announce their partnership to ensure that GapAd advertising is targeted to the specific interests of each individual visitor to a GapAd publisher website.

SenseArray is a powerful machine learning algorithm that is used in a variety of industry verticals, including online dating, targeted advertising, and credit card processing. Its purpose is to predict future user behavior based on past behavior.

Working with GapAd, SenseArray will be able to predict the specific interests of individual visitors based on anonymously collected information.

Ultimately this targeting will lead to more relevant advertising for users, and more revenue for GapAd’s publishers.